A native of Appleton, Wisconsin, Maurice (pronounced “Morris”) Johnson received a BA degree in Literature from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and an MA degree from Cornell University.

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  • New Video in ‘People’

    Apr 07 | BY admin

    Great new 'People' video on an amazingly accomplished young woman, Dr. Kayla Iocovino.  A rising star in the scientific field of volcanology!
  • Springtime in the Sonoran Desert

    Mar 18 | BY admin

    We're back in Tucson, Arizona...and it's already abnormally hot for mid-March.  94 degrees Fahrenheit; 33 degrees Celsius!  But the warmth and the good winter rains have started a wonderful floral display!
  • Verde Canyon Railroad

    Mar 13 | BY admin

    [embed]https://youtu.be/kh4bvC8xY6k[/embed] Here's a mini video of the old mining railroad west of Sedona, Arizona.  You can see the famous Sedona Red Rocks... without all the development.
  • Classy Polly

    Mar 10 | BY admin

    Here's Polly in front of one of the signs in Oatman, Arizona...the ghost mining town along Route 66.  As you saw in an earlier post, Oatman is famous for its free-ranging burros.  This shop is called the Classy Ass.  But my friend Polly is the Classiest of All!  
  • Welcome to my new site!

    Mar 07 | BY admin

    Hello all, thanks for visiting my new site! I look forward to sharing my videos with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here.
  • Ghost Mining Town

    Mar 07 | BY admin

    There's a crazy little ghost mining town on old Route 66 called Oatman, Arizona. One of its main distinctions is that descendants of the miner's burros still roam the street (and have right of way!!). And, if you go into the old Hotel Bar, every surface is packed with dollar bills that visitors have stapled to.... everything! This is the Wild West all right!